My burgeoning love affair with wolves (from a very safe distance)

Wolf pups

Before I started reading about wolves for my Strength of the Pack series, my knowledge of them was gleaned entirely from multiple readings of White Fang as a child (and by multiple readings, I mean somewhere in the region of thirty. I loved that book).

Having spent far longer of late than I should reading about wolves’ behaviour, communication, body language and pack structure, not to mention watching videos of adult wolves playing with one another and with little fuzzy cubs, I am fast falling in love with these fascinating, complicated and toothy creatures.

One or two things I stumbled across in my reading I found particularly interesting, though to anyone with a knowledge of wolves already, they are undoubtedly very old news.

  • Wolves can hear as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles in the open.
  • They have practically no body heat loss through their fur (snow will not melt on a wolf’s coat).
  • How dominant wolves sometimes adopt a submissive role when playing with members of the pack.
  • The extent to which all adult members of the pack play with the cubs. Seriously. Go to YouTube and look. You’ll lose hours of your life, but it’ll put a smile on your face.

About Joy Lynn Fielding

M/M romance author and coffee addict.
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