A Liar’s Moon review, Karl, and competence porn

A Liar’s Moon has just received a lovely 4.5 Sweet Pea review from Lucky over on Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books. Thank you, Lucky, and I’m so glad it lived up to expectations!

“Favorite character: Karl – I’m dying to know his story. Even though he’s a secondary character in this one, he’s definitely someone you do not want to mess with.”

I’m seeing something of a pattern – Karl appears to be a favourite character with quite a few people. We get some competence porn from him in Red Moon Rising, but I’m afraid his full story will have to wait for the last book. He’s just not as pushy as some of the others. He could kill them where they sleep, but he’s not pushy.


About Joy Lynn Fielding

M/M romance author and coffee addict.
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