Red Moon Rising – release day and excerpt

Well, the title says it all. 🙂 Red Moon Rising is out today, and available from Siren BookStrand with a 15% new-release discount. It’s the third book in my Strength of the Pack series.

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Tristan Howe is abducted and imprisoned by a pack at war with his own. His future looks bleak until he finds an unexpected ally in enemy pack member, Colby Williams. A fragile bond develops between them as they escape together.

Safely back with his own pack, Tristan finds his feelings for Colby are more than just gratitude for being rescued. He’s delighted to learn that they’re reciprocated, and even more excited to realize he and Colby are mates.

But idealistic Tristan finally has to face up to the fact that even true love might not be enough to defeat the forces ranged against them—not least his pack-mates’ suspicion and hostility toward Colby, and a mate so scarred by his abusive past that he doesn’t know how to be free. All Tristan can do is try.

And to celebrate a lovely, sunny release day, here’s a little PG excerpt:

Tristan stretched contentedly. He could smell coffee and the unidentifiable mixture of scents that spelled home. And then he remembered and sat up with a gasp, desperate to know if this was real or a dream.

“Easy, Tris,” Bryce said, from where he was sitting next to his bed. He reached out to stroke Tristan’s hair. “You’re safe.”

The familiar touch and voice, things that had grounded him through his teenage years and had never once let him down, were too much for Tristan. He choked Bryce’s name and threw himself into his waiting arms.

“Shh, you’re home, you’re okay,” Bryce was murmuring over and over, rubbing circles on Tristan’s back that were steady and strong, and so unlike his voice which was husky and strained.

It was his stomach grumbling that finally caused Tristan to draw back. He was starving. The last thing he’d eaten was that god-awful stew—

“Colby,” he said, as it came crashing back to him. “Where’s Colby? What happened?”

“We were hoping you could tell us.” Matt was standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorjamb with a smile on his face as he looked at Tristan. “Damn it, we missed you, pup,” he said, swiftly crossing the room and ruffling Tristan’s hair the way he used to, when he was a kid. Tristan protested, but at the same time he pushed into Matt’s touch, the wound on his head only a dull ache now. God, he’d thought he’d never see them again. He blinked hard, pushing those thoughts away. He was home, in his own bed—and how had that happened? The last thing he remembered was crossing into pack territory and being finally able to stop running from Colby’s unforgiving nips. His teeth were sharp.

“Where’s Colby?” he asked again.

“He’s secure,” Matt said. Which told Tristan precisely nothing but his alpha’s tone was final. That was all the information he was going to get for now.

“Take a shower and come through to the kitchen,” Bryce said, with a pat to Tristan’s leg under the covers. His eyes were steady on Matt, and Tristan knew them well enough to know they wanted to talk to each other. He was pretty sure it had something to do with him, or at least what had happened to him, and maybe if he got to listen in he could find out where Colby was. So he skipped the shower, dragged on some clothes and slipped down the hallway as quietly and quickly as he could.

“—doesn’t make any sense,” Bryce was saying as Tristan came to a stop by the door, but out of sight. “It’s not like he could gain any intel they don’t already have.”

“Agreed, but have you got a better explanation?”

“Maybe he’s here to set up a distraction while his pack moves in for a sneak attack,” Bryce said. “Or maybe he’s supposed to snatch Jesse when the rest of us aren’t looking.”

Righteous anger flared inside Tristan, so hot he thought he might burst. He marched into the kitchen. “Colby rescued me,” he said, voice cracking with the strength of his feeling. “Where is he?” he demanded of Matt. “What have you done to him?”

“Tristan,” Bryce warned. “Remember who you’re speaking to.”

“Sorry,” Tristan said, before indignation overcame common sense. “But whatever you’re thinking isn’t right,” he blurted out. “Colby got me away from them.”

Matt’s green eyes were narrowed and stern. Tristan fell abruptly silent.

“Have some coffee and wake your damn brain up,” Bryce said. “Right now it seems like it’s only your mouth that’s working.” But for all his words, his voice was gentle and he passed Tristan a mug of coffee he’d already poured for him from the machine. “You want a blueberry muffin? Turns out Jason goes on a baking kick when he’s worried.”

About to ask why Jason was worried, Tristan saw the lines in Bryce’s face and the dark shadows under his eyes, and the same strain in Matt’s tired face. God, they must have been going crazy trying to find him. His indignation faded. Of course they wouldn’t know any better until he’d explained everything to them.

“Sure,” he said, and sat down obediently at the table. “Thanks.”


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