Pony nuts and self-discipline

I often wax lyrical on this blog about the joys of research. Sadly, it has its downside too, which I ran into this afternoon. I’d settled in for a few quiet hours of writing and was determined to at least get to the end of the current scene. But then my character turned out his pockets looking for something, and when the contents included some pony nuts, I realised I should probably find out if they’re actually called pony nuts in the US given that he’s American.

The result? Two hours later, I’m an expert on equine nutrition, have followed breathlessly the unfolding dramas of people on discussion boards whose horses refuse to be caught in the field, and my character is still lying there with a busted ankle, broken heart, and pockets with indeterminate contents. I really do need to learn more self-control. Does anyone else have this problem about being so easily distracted, or is it just me?




About Joy Lynn Fielding

M/M romance author and coffee addict.
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