The trials and tribulations of writing in a foreign language.

Despite the amount of time I spend checking vocabulary, the differences between American and British English still trip me up. I was complaining to an American friend yesterday about the not-at-all-sexy overalls which one of the characters in my next book has to wear for his job and wondering how I could strip him out of them so he’s just in T-shirt and jeans.

After five minutes of confused, circular conversation, it became apparent that overalls in American English are a different thing from in British English. If I’ve understood correctly, they’re what we would call dungarees, and so it makes no sense at all for anyone to be wearing jeans under, well, other jeans.

Overalls and overalls:





Whatever they’re called, the point is that Our Hero is wearing far too many clothes right now and I need to get back to sorting that out, rather than obsessing over vocabulary.

On a slightly different note, I’m thrilled that Serena Yates at Rainbow Book Reviews has just given A Liar’s Moon a lovely review, following on the heels of the equally nice one she gave An Impossible Mate last week.

“If you like shifter stories with men who fall for each other before they really know who the other person is, then have to deal with the consequences, if you like reading about broken trust and the hard road back to a true relationship, and if you’re looking for a light read that is as emotional as it is hot, then you will probably like this novella.”


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