Riding the Whirlwind – released today

When I sat down to write this series, I had no intention of writing the full story of Christian and Dave’s trip to New Mexico. It was going to be covered by a couple of lines in the final book. But somehow these two wormed their way into my head, and Riding the Whirlwind is the result.

Five years undone in just five days.

Dave Mitchell and Christian Taylor are on a mission from their alpha—to discover what happened to a pack of Argent shifters thirteen years ago. Away from their pack and out of their usual routine, they find underlying tensions in their relationship coming to the surface.

When their investigation leads them to the resident pack, Christian seeks respite from his demons by throwing himself eagerly into the cage-fighting ring the pack runs. He knows Dave hates him to fight, but he also knows Dave will understand. Dave always understands.

But when Dave meets a kindred spirit among the pack members, all Christian’s certainties come crashing down around him. It becomes clear that their relationship might not survive this. And when things between them reach crisis point and the local pack gets involved, it may prove to be the death of more than just their relationship.

Riding the Whirlwind cover

It’s now available from Siren BookStrand, with a 10% new-release discount until July 22nd.  It will also be available from the usual third-party retailers (Amazon, B&N, etc) in a few weeks time.


About Joy Lynn Fielding

M/M romance author and coffee addict.
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