RT Magazine review and a mystery (possibly) solved

RT Magazine has given Blowing Off Steam a great 4.5 star review:

“…Watching these two fall in love is the best thing that’s happened to UK railroads since Thomas the Tank Engine.”

The review has cleared up something that’s been puzzling me, which is precisely where my desire to write about trains originated from.  Several people have asked and until now I’ve had no idea.  But I forgot about Thomas.

Ah, Thomas the Tank Engine.  I remember pestering my dad at an airshow until he gave in and bought a ticket for us all to ride the motorised Thomas that was zipping up and down the runways.  Of course it broke down at the furthest point from anywhere and we had to walk about a mile in the blazing midday sun.  I was not overly popular with the rest of my family.

Later, when I was a rock and roll chick (hey, it was the eighties.  Everyone listened to Bon Jovi and Metallica and had big hair) I still loved Thomas – the leather jacket I wore to countless gigs at the Marquee club sported a James the Red Engine pin.  It’s even possible that I had a brief foray into writing fanfiction for Thomas.  Don’t tell me no one else sees the unresolved sexual tension between Thomas and that cheeky little chappie Percy.



Blowing Off Steam is released next week, and Samhain is currently offering it at a 30% discount.


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